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Note: this page is not a tutorial, but it contains a few useful tips.

Git for windows

Can be obtained from here [1]. It allows to retrieve the source code from the repository.

Getting the source code

  • Method 1: use git (cf point above)
  • Method 2: download and extract source tar balls

Generating project files

  • CMake for windows can be obtained here [2].
  • Running the CMake GUI, one has to specify the "Where is the source code" (select here the un-archived directory) and "Where to build the binaries" (set here any directory of your choice, outside the source tree, and in a dedicated directory for each library/project). You also have to pick a "Generator", whihc dpeend on you method of compilation, for instance "CodeBlocks - MinGW".
  • Click on "configure", then "generate". For libraries with dependencies, you will have to set the path to other libraries, then rerun configure until it does not complain anymore.
  • For programs, you may have to manually add the lines "MAN (BOOL) no" and "INFO (BOOL) no").

Open the project files

A project file should have been generated in the location you indicated. Opening this project file in your favorite IDE should work (tested with CodeBlocks 10.05 [3] under Windows XP).