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This page keeps track of all Bio++ versions.

Development version

The development version can be fetched with git from [1], see Installation.

Information and documentation can be found at

Bio++ 2.0

Bio++ 2.0 is the currently maintained release. For intermediate releases (2.0.x), please refer to the Bio++ home page. For installation, see Installation.

Bio++ 2.0 was released in February 2011 [2].

It is composed of :

  •  ??

Bio++ 1.9

Bio++ 1.9 was released in April 2010 [3].

It is composed of :

  •  ??

Bio++ 1.8

Bio++ 1.8 was released in June 2008 [4].

It is composed of :

  • bpp-utils 1.4
  • bpp-numCalc 1.7
  • bpp-seq 1.6
  • bpp-phyl 1.8
  • bpp-popGen 1.4

Remark: In contrast with later versions, which use CMake, Bio++ 1.8 uses Autotools.

Installing an old version

Installing a previous version of the libraries is necessary when maintaining or modifying programs that depend on those libraries.

The prefered procedure is to compile from sources, which can be found at